Customize Sublime Text Editor Monokai Theme UI

Sublime Text Editor is a very good text editor and with the Monokai Theme it is very easy on eyes and very pleasant to work with.

However, Monokai theme is dark and the currently selected tab in Monokai theme is pretty much dull. Here is a hack to make it bright.

First create a new file called Default.sublime-theme browsing to Preferences Menu > Browse Packages > User (Folder)

Put this text in this (new) Default.sublime-theme file:

   {“class”: “tab_control”, “attributes”: [“selected”, “file_medium_dark”],”tint_modifier”:[0, 204, 255, 80]}

Then ensure that we use a theme : Default.sublime-theme via Preferences > Settings (Default)

Thats it:

Result. Current Tab is highlighted nice and fine !