How You Do That (HYDT) | Joining and Merging multiple mp4 Files | Linux | UBUNTU

First we need to install  GPAC , details of which can be found here and for Ubuntu repository we do apt-get with the command as below:

$ sudo apt-get install gpac

GPAC is Open Source Multimedia manipulation library. It can be used for performing many manipulations on multimedia files like AVI, MPG, TS, but mostly on ISO media files (e.g. MP4, 3GP).

GPAC comes bundled with a tool, named MP4Box, using which we can join multiple mp4 files by concatenating into one file without the need for re-encoding the mp4 files.

$ MP4Box -cat Intro01.mp4 -cat Intro02.mp4 -cat Intro03.mp4 OutputIntro.mp4

Credit citation | Original article at this Blog >> here